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Business Start-up & Governance, Leases, Contracts, and Privacy Law

Whether you're starting a new business, selling an existing one or operating a growing business, Attorney Lynn Holdsworth is available to assist with your legal needs. 

Corporate Formation and Governance

Starting a business is an exciting experience, but it can also be an intimidating one. There are many decisions to be made early in the process that should be well thought out. Choosing the business entity appropriate for the business purposes, knowing how to complete the proper formation documents and where to file them, developing and drafting bylaws, operating or other similar agreements - all are initial steps to starting a business. Attorney Lynn Holdsworth is here to help with this process and to provide advice and guidance as your business grows.

Commercial Leases

Entering into a commercial lease can be a daunting experience, whether you're the tenant or the landlord. Tenants often feel as if terms are not negotiable and landlords sometimes fail to preserve important rights. We can draft leases as well as to review an agreement that is being contemplated. Contract review does not have to be an intimidating costly process. Entering into a contract when you don't truly understand the consequences can, however, be a costly mistake.

Contract Review

Whether it's a pre- or postnuptial agreement, an agreement to purchase a business or piece of real estate, or perhaps, a partnership or operating agreement, we can assist you in understanding the terms of the agreement and protecting both your personal and professional rights.

Privacy Law & Information Security Compliance

Any business maintaining personal information of a Massachusetts resident must take rigorous steps to protect this information.

“Personal information” includes a resident’s last name and either first name or first initial, combined with any of the following:

• social security number
• driver’s license number or state-issued ID card number
• financial account number
• debit or credit card number

We are available to perform a comprehensive on-site compliance assessment and develop a customized Written Information Security Program (WISP) in accordance with the regulations.

In many instances, companies will need to develop employee training programs and take procedural and technological steps to enhance information security. Whether your business needs assistance training your employees as mandated by these new regulations or coordinating any necessary remediation, contact us for your compliance needs. Ongoing consultation services are also available to help ensure continued compliance.

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