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In this information age, the Internet and a plethora of self-help publications have empowered many consumers to take it upon themselves to handle all of their divorce and post-divorce needs. Unfortunately, the court system is sometimes difficult to navigate, the requisite documentation can be intimidating, and the rules of procedure can be confusing. An unintentional mistake can have serious, long-term consequences. Often, however, traditional full-service legal representation is cost prohibitive. With the advent of Limited Assistance Representation (LAR), attorneys can now offer varying degrees of support and counsel during the divorce process.

Lynn Holdsworth, a trained LAR attorney, is available to assist the divorce do-it-yourselfer with advice and assistance on an as-needed basis. While not all cases are suited for LAR, there are times that a client just wants help completing court forms or drafting agreements. In other instances, a client may not understand the proper procedure or what to expect in court. With LAR, we can help with specifically identified aspects of your case, while you handle the parts you feel comfortable handling. You can go into court feeling better informed and more confident, while avoiding the sometimes overwhelming expense of full-service representation.  If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, and you’re contemplating a DIY divorce, consider DIY Divorce Coaching.  In many instances, DIY Coaching is well-suited for contempt and modification matters too.

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