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In some instances couples are able to resolve their divorce-related issues amicably, without the need for lawyers or litigation. With Online Divorce, the client provides the necessary information to complete the forms required by the court and we prepare the documents. The client and spouse then present the joint petition for divorce to the Court for approval. Online Divorce allows clients the opportunity to obtain legal assistance with the sometimes intimidating and confusing paperwork, without incurring the expense of full-service representation.

Online Divorce is well suited for clients who have already agreed with their spouse on the major divorce-related issues such as financial assets, debt, division of personal property, child support and custody (if there are minor children involved, both parties must attend an approved Parenting Education Program prior to filing). Sometimes, couples have already separated and resumed life as “single” people and they just need to finalize the divorce with the Court. Perhaps there are a few minor details that need to be resolved. With our assistance, the client can better grasp how to proceed and work out the finer points with their spouse.

If you think Online Divorce might be right for you, call or e-mail us to discuss your case. If you both agree that your situation is well suited for Online Divorce, we'll send you an information packet, as well as a questionnaire and financial statement to complete. Your spouse will need to complete a financial statement as well. Drafts documents will be sent to you via email for your review and to share with your spouse. When the two of you agree they are accurate, final documents will be sent via email. You and your spouse then sign the necessary forms in the presence of a notary and return the completed packet by mail. We will file the petition and set up a hearing date. You and your spouse appear before the court, live or via Zoom, and address any questions or concerns the judge may have. You will receive an email prior to this hearing explaining what to expect on the day of court.

Thirty days after the Judge approves the separation agreement, a Judgment of Divorce Nisi will issue. The divorce will become final ninety days after the issuance of the Decree Nisi.

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